Letter from the South Downs National Park Authority about a proposed drilling site at Linchmere

Dear Sir/Madam

Application SDNP/13/05896/CM The installation of a well and associated infrastructure, including access road and soil bunds, for the drilling of a vertical borehole for the exploration, testing and evaluation of hydrocarbons for a temporary period of 3 years at Nine Acre Copse, Vann Road Lynchmere, West Sussex will be considered at the 11 September Planning Committee meeting and will be held at the South Downs Centre.
Please note: This meeting will be filmed for live or subsequent broadcast via the Authority’s website on the internet – at the start of the meeting the Chair will confirm if all or part of the meeting is to be filmed. The images and sound recording may be used for training or any other purposes by the Authority. By entering the meeting room and using the public seating area you are consenting to being filmed, recorded or photographed and to the possible use of those images and sound recordings for webcasting and/or training purposes. If you have any queries regarding this, please contact the Member Services Officer .

Public seating is limited at the venue to 120, places will be allocated on a first come first served basis and ticket numbers will be allocated. If you would like to attend this meeting you will need to register to attend by using the online form on the Authority website southdowns.gov.uk . Entrance will be for those with tickets only, members of the press/media and those wishing to speak at the meeting will also need to register to attend.

Members of the public will not be permitted to bring banners, or instruments with them into the hall.

If you wish to register to speak on this application; you will need to email using the online form on the Authority Website http://www.southdowns.gov.uk providing the following information no later than 12 noon, 5 September.

Your Name, Address and Telephone Number and Email Address.
Confirmation of whether you wish to speak in support or against an application or other matter.
Confirmation of whether you are representing yourself or anyone else.
Confirmation that we can provide your details to other people in the event that there are more than the allocated amount of registered speakers. This is in order that you can agree which people will speak.
Details of any special access or other arrangements that you may require

In accordance with the Public Speaking Protocol the Chair has agreed that on this occasion the number of speakers permitted to speak will be:

Up to three individuals or group representatives who are opposing the application
Up to three individuals or group representatives who are supporting the application
2 local Parish Councillors, 1 from Lynchmere Parish Council and 1 from Fernhurst Parish Council;
A local District Councillor for the ward, and
The local County Councillor

If you have any queries regarding the meeting, please use the on line form on the Authority website http://www.southdowns.gov.uk .
Please note that there is no public parking outside the Hall for attendees of these meetings. All vehicles should be parked at the North Street, pay & display car park across the road from the South Downs Centre

The Officer’s report for this application will be published on the 11 September Planning Committee page of the Authority website no later than 5 working days prior to the date of committee.
Information regarding public speaking at Planning Committee meetings and the public speaking protocol can be found on our website by following the links below;



Click to access Planning-Committee-Public-Speaking-Protocol-Appendix-3-of-Standing-Orders-approved-January-2014-Contact-details-change-June.pdf


South Downs National Park Authority


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