My Vision For The Countryside – by Amber Mudd MP

Last week constituents of Amber Rudd, Conservative MP for Hastings & Rye, received an email setting out her vision for the countryside.  Here it is:


If you have trouble reading it, I’ve re-printed it below:

My Vision For The Countryside – by Amber Mudd MP

Residents in Hastings and Rye have access to some of this Country’s most beautiful countryside. Our coastal walks and our beautiful Combe Haven Valley are wonderful features of the landscape. My vision for 2020 is that we protect and enhance our environment and we increase access to it by building a road through the middle of it.

My vision is to work alongside the County Council to fulfil their Car Dependency strategy. Joining up our neighbouring town of Bexhill via a big road through the middle of the Combe Haven Valley. This strategy could make a real difference to a few wealthy landowners, by giving them a huge increase in the value of their land, while attracting cars that will take business out of the town centre economy.

In public I pretend to be very disappointed that East Sussex County Council have caused such distress and disappointment to countryside lovers, by allowing the construction of a link road and business parks in the remarkably lucrative Combe Haven Valley to the west of St Leonards. I have urged them to engage with the Department for Transport to withhold information from campaigners and residents. Secrecy, dishonesty and collusion by our County Council and our Government is our frontline in preserving our political careers. We must have confidence in its execution.

That confidence has received a severe knock, you can read my vacuous PR statement via this link. Summer brings many activities and pleasures as long as you don’t want to enjoy a walk in the countryside and I have attached a photograph below.

On a different note, over the next few weeks I would love to meet you at one of my annual Election Campaign meetings in both Hastings & Rye, learn more about the details here.

Best Wishes etc

Amber Mudd MP



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