ImageThis morning I received an email from a chap I didn’t know, setting up a web design firm and looking for business.  Reasonably average start to the day then.

But not only had he emailed me ‘cold’, he’d copied in hundreds of others too – and their email addresses were all proudly on display in the CC box.  Oops.

In marketing circles, this is quite a clanger.  But it got worse.  Some people on the list were also web designers, so not only had he broken Rule 1 of the Email Marketing Handbook, he’d also given his whole contact list to his competition.

The response from his ‘victims’ started off quite angrily, but then a beautiful thing happened.  In a very ‘Brighton’ way people started sticking up for him, and then they all got into the spirit of self-promotion and before long there was everything from iron grates to surfboards on offer!

The goodwill rolled along like a snowball down a hill, gathering speed and more and more offers along the way.  Before long there was talk of a networking ‘Spam’ picnic, and even a facebook page dedicated to this new network called “we woz spammed

How very Brighton.


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